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Indoor Tropical Plants

It will come as no surprise, that bringing the outside inside has numerous benefits to your business.

Tropical plants in the workplace or office are not only easy on the eye but they can bring a whole range of health benefits! Research shows they have a direct effect on improving air quality and humidity within your property, something that can protect against illness and staff absence.

Indoor tropical plants can help to remove harmful airborne bacteria, improving the air quality in a room. As new buildings now focus on installing high performance air conditioning and insulation, it is common for individuals to breathe the same air over and over again. With most people spending their time either at work or home, having good air quality can improve efficiency in the workplace and help to reduce the risk of sickness being passed on. 

It is also important to note that this move towards more energy efficient buildings has restricted ventilation within them. As a result, the chemicals which are released from office equipment and new furniture build up in the working environment, polluting the air and causing common illnesses like headaches, coughs and colds. Indoor tropical plants strategically placed within your building not only look stunning but also help to break down and negate these undesired side effects of modern day energy savings methods.

Let Indoor Tropical Plants Transform Your Business!

grounds maintenance servicesTo us, supplying you with tropical plants for your workplace is about much more than just “office plants”. As with our other services we’ll work with you to create environments that stimulate the senses. Through innovative tropical plant displays designed by our team we’ll make you, your people and your customers feel great.

Whether you prefer to hire or purchase we will supply stylish, contemporary, vibrant tropical plant displays that will transform your office, reception or showroom.

Adding indoor tropical plants in your environment can:

  • Create a healthier, happier climate for staff
  • Improve air quality and humidity
  • Reduce the number of employee sick days
  • Ensure visitors feel more relaxed
  • Increase concentration levels in staff
  • Reduce ambient noise levels in buildings
  • Remove toxins within the air
  • Create a natural visual partitioning system

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